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Extreme performance

  • Up to 1.3M end-to-end to accelerate storage operations.
  • Massive sequential throughput of up to 50 GB/s.

Cost-effective storage

  • U.2 NVMe SSD to deliver better performance at lower cost.
  • QLC SSD support for higher capacity at reduced costs.
  • Automated storage tiering to fully utilize SSD and HDD.

Flexible scalability

  • Scale-out and scale-up expansions to easily expand performance and capacity to more than 70 PB.

Easy to use and manage

  • Single namespace for easier data access.
  • Auto-balancing to reduce the burden of storage management for IT staff.

Nondisruptive operations

  • HA service ensures non-stop operations with a near-zero RTO (recovery time objective) by deploying two storage devices to provide services from two separate sites.



EonStor GS U.2 NVMe hybrid flash storage is a high performance storage solution for enterprises. Equipped with U.2 NVMe SSD, it provides higher IOPS and throughput and is more cost-effective. GS U.2 is a unified storage that supports both SAN and NAS services. With block-level and file-level scale-out support, it can linearly increase performance and capacity. Complete data protection allows IT staff to focus on higher value projects. It is a perfect fit for such applications as AI, HPC, M&E, virtualization, and database.


End-to-End High Performance with U.2 NVMe SSD

The most high-end model, GS 5000U, features PCIe 5.0, 100GbE connectivity with RDMA, and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), achieving up to 50GB/s read throughput and 1.3M IOPS on a single appliance.


Cost-effectiveness and high storage efficiency

U.2 NVMe SSD is becoming mainstream in the market as it combines the advantages of SAS and SATA SSDs, allowing enterprises to enjoy higher performance at a competitive price.

With significant improvement in performance and durability in recent years, quad-level cell (QLC) SSDs have become a compelling option for applications requiring high capacity and flash-level performance. QLC SSDs offer 33% more storage capacity per cell compared to triple-level cell (TLC) SSDs, all while costing less. EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage supports QLC SSDs to provide greater flexibility, catering to a wide range of enterprise applications and requirements.

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage supports hybrid storage, and with automated storage tiering, the storage system can automatically leverage the high throughput and low latency of U.2 NVMe SSDs for frequently accessed data, while using HDDs on expansion enclosures as data backup media, thereby boosting system performance at a reduced total cost of ownership.

The storage solution also comes with data compression and offline deduplication, which reduces the storage capacity required and thus saves storage costs. The compression feature greatly reduces the data size and the transfer time. To deal with repeated files saved by manual backups or archiving, offline deduplication helps you automatically remove duplicate data from an appliance or a cluster to free up storage space.


Flexible Scalability with Scale-out and Scale-up

Through scale-out expansion, you can linearly increase performance and capacity for both block-level and file-level environments. When one storage appliance is no longer able to provide enough performance or capacity, you can simply add more appliances to form a cluster - with a maximum of 4 appliances.

Through scale-up expansion, each storage appliance can be connected to JBOD expansion enclosures to add up to 896 drives. Together with scale-out expansion, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage supports more than 3000 drives in total.


Easy Data Access for Users and Simple IT Management

Users can access shared folders in a single root directory under a single namespace, without having to worry about where the data is stored. Auto-balancing is also supported to achieve load balancing, which relieves the burden of manual planning and configuration for IT personnel.


Smart Management of SSD

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage uses an intelligent algorithm to handle data writes and optimize SSD usage. The algorithm not only extends SSD lifespan by reducing the total amount of writes on an SSD but also prevents multiple SSDs from failing at the time and causing data loss. Moreover, as EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage monitors SSD status in real time, it estimates the remaining lifespan of each SSD and sends the administrator a reminder to replace the SSD that is about to fail.


Complete Data Protection and Backup

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe offers various data protection mechanisms to guarantee data safety. First, Infortrend's unique RAID technology ensures your data remains intact even in case of a drive failure. With snapshot, a flexible backup tool, you can back up local resources on a storage system by schedule, including volumes and shared folders, and roll back to a previous version when needed. For further protection, you can back up data to a remote GS appliance using the remote replication feature, or to a public cloud with EonCloud Gateway.

Immutable object storage, another crucial feature for data protection, safeguards data against ransomware attacks. It retains data with WORM (write once read many) storage protection, where data gets “locked” and therefore cannot be modified, deleted, overwritten, or even encrypted by ransomware. By setting a retention period, you can easily follow government compliance requirements or company policies on data retention.

For companies requiring an easy-to-use and reliable storage solution for file backup, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage can be utilized as a backup appliance, allowing you to leverage its backup service to back up PC folders, file servers, and public cloud through a GUI interface. Additionally, you can set options such as a backup schedule and a retention period to best fit your needs.


New Level of High Availability

From power supplies, cooling fans, controllers, to host boards, the modular design of all these hardware components lowers maintenance complexity and provides fast, precise technical support and RMA services, keeping EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage safe from any downtime to maintain nonstop services, increase productivity, and enhance competitiveness.

In addition, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage offers HA service to deliver continuous availability with a near-zero RTO (recovery time objective) and a zero RPO (recovery point objective). With two storage devices deployed at near sites, the HA service provides block-level active-active storage and file-level active-passive storage for business-critical applications that have an extremely low tolerance for downtime. Featuring synchronous remote replication and auto-failover, this solution ensures identical and complete copies of data are stored on both storage devices and avoids service downtime due to planned or unexpected events. Auto-failback is available in block-level HA service, allowing a storage device to resume services without switching manually. 


Intuitive Management Software

GS U.2 NVMe storage adopts EonOne, a web-based management software tool, to assist customers in raising storage and service efficiency      for increased productivity. With its intuitive interface design, IT administrators can easily manage a cluster and multiple appliances, monitor performance and capacity usage, and complete system configurations, all from one centralized interface.



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